What solar can do for your family...

Imagine holding your power bill and feeling excited about tearing it open. It might sound crazy, but that’s something Sunny Days
Solar customers tell us all the time!

Based on the beautiful Gold Coast, our family owned operation is part of the Green Connect group, which has been providing professional solar installations for over a decade.

Our installations are fully backed by government grants, which pay for most of your system.

If you’re like most people, your power bill is probably one of your largest household expenses. Our goal is to help households just like yours save big money on your power bill, so that you can spend that money somewhere more important.

Our smart approach to installations means we can provide the same high quality panels and inverters as other installers, at a significantly lower cost.

And, we don’t just walk away after the installation. We’ll provide advice on how to use your solar for maximum savings, the current best deal on feed-in tariffs, and we’re always on hand if you need help at any point.

If you’d like to know how much you’ll be able to save with solar, we can provide fast, free and friendly quotes, and answer any questions you have.

Just call our quote guru Sam on 0423 317 238, or fill in our contact form here.